Layman: What’s life? What is it all about?

Philosopher: Life has no meaning. It is all meaningless. This is a meaningless world.

Layman: In a meaningless world, you and I are also meaningless. Aren’t we?

In a meaningless world, what you are saying is also meaningless. Isn’t it?

What you said being meaningless, it follows that the world is meaningful.

Philosopher: What?

Layman: Yeah. Based on your philosophy, everything is meaningful.

Philosopher: What?!

Because everything is meaningless, everything is meaningful. *!@#$%^&*@#$%



Layman: Yeah, if everything is meaningful, the world is meaningful; if everything is meaningless, the world is still meaningful.

Whichever logic you may apply, the only true statement will be – meaninglessness is meaningless.


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