From my light The body and the world arise.

So all things are mine, Or nothing is.


As a wave, Seething and foaming, Is only water

So all creation, Streaming out of the Self,  Is only the Self.


When the Self is unknown The world arises, Not when it is known.


From me the world streams out And in me it dissolves,

As a bracelet melts into gold, A pot crumbles into clay, A wave subsides into water.

When thoughts spring up, The wind freshens, and like waves A thousand worlds arise.


But when the wind falls, The trader sinks with his ship.

On the boundless ocean of my being He founders, And all the worlds with him.


I am the unbounded deep In whom all living things Naturally arise,

Rush against each other playfully, And then subside.

~ Heart of Awareness by Thomas Byrom


Non-attachment -> Non-duality -> Falsity/Emptiness -> SERENITY.

Serene in sorrow; serene in happiness.

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